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Take Centre Stage

It’s all about engagement!

Running an Online Advertising Campaign can be like performing on stage – it’s all about engagement! So grab the mic and give your fans something to enjoy!

Introduction to Online Advertising Campaigns:

Online advertising has become one of the most effective ways for online businesses to broaden their reach, attract new customers, and maximise revenue streams. From Paid Social to PPC, Banner Ads to Programmatics, Online Advertising Campaigns provide businesses opportunities to establish their online stage to promote products, services, ideas and values.

With the rapid growth of the Internet and our ever increasing need for services on demand, the online world can often appear a cramped and noisy place. Online Advertising Campaigns – if done properly – can filter the noise and attract an audience with shared values and needs.

What are the benefits of running Online Advertising Campaigns?

Reach a targeted audience to raise brand awareness

Promote discounts and offers to grow customer loyalty

Excellent method for signposting traffic to online profiles

Clearer view of customer buying habits and behaviours

Course Summary:

This course will introduce the different methods of online advertising, such as voucher codes, social media campaigns and display advertising. Learners will also gain an awareness of the latest legal and ethical rules and requirements that apply to online advertising. Through practical, hands-on guidance and ‘real world’ case examples, this course will help you run and deliver more efficient Online Advertising Campaigns.

This course will also introduce you to different campaign platforms available, such as Google AdWords and DoubleClick, as well as UpCast and 4C.

Course Objectives:

Learners can expect the following course outcomes:

Basic – Intermediate (Workshops)

  • Understand different online advertising methods
  • Understand the use of promotional campaigns on Social Media
  • Understand current legal and ethical requirements for online advertising
  • Be able to plan and use digital vouchers for marketing purposes
  • How to prepare an Online Advertising Campaign

Advanced (Short Courses)

  • Apply current legal and ethical requirements for online advertising
  • Understand requirements for online display advertising
  • Identify and use technology for online display marketing
  • Plan, execute and monitor an Online Advertising Campaign

Who would benefit from our Online Advertising Campaigns course?

This course can help individuals who want to:

  • Learn how to run more efficient Online Advertising Campaigns
  • Expand their Online Advertising skills and knowledge
  • Gain industry knowledge from an accredited training course

Our courses are designed to help:

  • Small business owners, self-employed workers and entrepreneurs
  • Employees working in a digital marketing capacity

Course Prerequisites:

To complete this course, individuals must have:

  • Access to relevant technology and equipment
  • Access to online, social and web accounts
  • Work email address
  • An advanced awareness of different online marketing methods and practices

Ways to learn this course:

Half Day Seminar

If you are a beginner to this course topic, attending one of our Seminars offers an excellent introduction.

Half Day Seminar

Skill Level:Introductory

Duration:Half Day (2-3 Hours)

Delivery Methods:Interactive Presentation by a Digital Coach

Accredited Course?No

Course Fee:£45.00 (per person)

Download GuideSeminar Info

Workshop Training

All our Workshops are delivered in fully interactive environments and cover Basic and Intermediate competencies.

Workshop Training

Skill Level:Basic; Intermediate

Duration:Basic = 1 Day
Intermediate = Basic + 1 Day

Delivery Methods:Small group Workshops; Interactive/Online

Accredited Course?Basic = No; Intermediate = Yes

Course Units:Level 3 Principles of Social Media Advertising

Course Fee:£80.00 (per person/per day)

Download GuideWorkshop Info

Digital Coaching

Our Short Courses are delivered 1-2-1 by a Digital Coach and cover Advanced skill levels in a range of topics.

Digital Coaching

Skill Level:Advanced

Duration:8 Weeks (per course)

Delivery Methods:x8 1-Hour 1-2-1 sessions with a Digital Coach

Accredited Course?Yes

Course Units:Level 3 Principles of Social Media Advertising
Level 3 Online Display Advertising

Course Fee:£300.00 (per course)

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Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

This topic is also covered as part of our Apprenticeship programme. For more details please visit Digital Apprenticeships.

Digital Diploma

This topic is also covered as part of our Digital Diploma qualification. For more details please visit Digital Diplomas.

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