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Podcasting Using Audacity

Make an Audio File

And reach an untapped market

As a young, growing market, Podcasting is an inexpensive medium offering high demand, little competition and huge benefits.

Introduction to Podcasting Using Audacity:

Podcasting was first introduced by radio broadcasters who made recordings of their live shows available to download via their websites. The practice caught on thanks to advances in technology, rapid growth of the Internet and availability of digital voice recording devices and apps.

The practice began to fade out and was considered a dated and old hat technique. However, there has been a rapid increase in the amount of podcasts available to download over the last few years, thus re-positioning itself as a serious online marketing medium.

Podcasts are considered to be much more convenient and portable and, unlike video, can be listened to by the user from inaccessible locations, in transit or whilst driving. Setting up, producing and managing a Podcast Show is surprisingly inexpensive. Businesses, individuals and organisations see the huge benefits Podcasting offers to reach an otherwise untapped audience.

What is Podcasting?

A ‘podcast’ is an audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device. Typically podcasts can be made available as a series or new instalments of which can be received by subscribers automatically; this is commonly referred to as a ‘Podcast Show’.

Therefore, ‘Podcasting’ is the method of frequently recording audio files for consistent downloading by a particular audience.

What is Audacity?

Audacity is a piece of software used to edit and format audio files, in preparation for public access. Because of its versatility and customisation, Audacity remains the industry’s preferred choice of software by frequent Podcasters.

What are the benefits to Podcasting?

Inexpensive medium for reaching an untapped audience

Minimal resources needed to implement and manage

Offers huge Return of Investment opportunities

As a growing market, competition is low whilst demand remains high

Course Summary:

This course will help you understand what is required for producing a series of podcast episodes. It will also cover the techniques needed for preparing, recording and managing Podcasts, as well as introduce you to Audacity – the industry’s preferred choice of software for editing audio files.

Course Objectives:

Learners can expect the following course outcomes:

Basic – Intermediate (Workshops)

  • Understand the principles and benefits of Podcasting
  • Factors to consider when preparing to record an audio file for public download
  • Basics of editing an audio sound file using Audacity

Advanced (Short Courses)

  • Plan, prepare and execute a Podcasting run list and episode planner
  • Advanced use of Audacity to edit and export audio files for public download
  • Prepare and optimise web pages to promote a Podcast
  • Other online methods for promoting a Podcast, such as RSS feeds

Who would benefit from our Podcasting and Using Audacity course?

This course can help individuals who want to:

  • Produce, manage and promote their own Podcasting content
  • Learn how to edit and format audio files
  • Learn how to use Audacity
  • Explore alternative methods for promoting their brand, business or message

Our courses are designed to help:

  • Small business owners, self-employed workers and entrepreneurs
  • Employees working in a digital marketing capacity

Course Prerequisites:

To complete this course, individuals must have:

  • Access to relevant technology and equipment
  • Smartphone with a voice-recording functionality or App
  • Work email address
  • Basic understanding of marketing principles and methods

Ways to learn this course:

Half Day Seminar

If you are a beginner to this course topic, attending one of our Seminars offers an excellent introduction.

Half Day Seminar

Skill Level:Introductory

Duration:Half Day (2-3 Hours)

Delivery Methods:Interactive Presentation by a Digital Coach

Accredited Course?No

Course Fee:£45.00 (per person)

Download GuideSeminar Info

Workshop Training

All our Workshops are delivered in fully interactive environments and cover Basic and Intermediate competencies.

Workshop Training

Skill Level:Basic; Intermediate

Duration:Basic = 1 Day
Intermediate = Basic + 1 Day

Delivery Methods:Small group Workshops; Interactive/Online

Accredited Course?Basic = No; Intermediate = Yes

Course Units:Level 1 Using Collaborative Technologies

Course Fee:£80.00 (per person/per day)

Download GuideWorkshop Info

Digital Coaching

Our Short Courses are delivered 1-2-1 by a Digital Coach and cover Advanced skill levels in a range of topics.

Digital Coaching

Skill Level:Advanced

Duration:8 Weeks (per course)

Delivery Methods:x8 1-Hour 1-2-1 sessions with a Digital Coach

Accredited Course?Yes

Course Units:Level 2 Audio Software
Level 3 Content Marketing

Course Fee:£300.00 (per course)

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Digital Diploma

This topic is also covered as part of our Digital Diploma qualification. For more details please visit Digital Diplomas.

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