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Social and Web Analytics

Metrics. Data. Analytics.

Using data to measure success

Learn how data metrics and analytics can be used to influence online campaigns, track social impact, and measure Return on Investment.

Introduction to Social and Web Analytics:

Social and Web Analytics is a way of tracking the effectiveness of campaigns using metrics produced by online data, such as the volume of traffic to a website, the number of shares a post attracts, or the level of engagement that converted into sales or leads.

Most Social Networking sites now provide analytical tools to help Digital Marketers manage campaigns more effectively. Using data produced from the amount of traffic or engagement a channel attracts can help determine its level of success, or more importantly, the amount of ‘asset’ gained.

Data metrics and analytics play a vital role in determining the business Digital Marketing Strategy, and any subsequent Content Marketing briefs.

What are the benefits for monitoring Social and Web Analytics?

Improve your Return on Investment

Set achievable goals that are realistic to your business needs

Improve campaign reach and effectiveness

Deliver current, up to date content according to visitor trends

Course Summary:

Using Social and Web Analytics to measure the impact of online campaigns is an important element of a Digital Marketer’s role. This course will help you understand how data metrics is generated and how it can be used to identify trends, achieve goals and improve campaign content to reach targeted audiences more effectively.

Course Objectives:

Learners can expect the following course outcomes:

Basic – Intermediate (Workshops)

  • Understand the principles of Analytics and Metrics
  • Learn how to set up and use Google Analytics to track website data
  • Learn how to set up and use Twitter Analytics to monitor social metrics
  • Learn how to set up and use Facebook Insights to monitor social metrics

Advanced (Short Courses)

  • The stages and factors of the sales funnel in Digital Marketing
  • Understand how metric data is generated across a range of platforms
  • How to use analytical platforms to generate reports and evaluate metric data
  • Compare Return on Investment using analytical data

Who would benefit from our Social and Web Analytics course?

This course can help individuals who want to:

  • Learn how to build effective Digital Marketing Strategies for their brand or business
  • Expand their digital marketing skills
  • Gain industry knowledge from an accredited training course

Our courses are designed to help:

  • Small business owners, self-employed workers, and entrepreneurs
  • Employees working in a digital marketing capacity

Course Prerequisites:

To complete this course, individuals must have:

  • Access to relevant technology and equipment
  • Access to online, social and web accounts – preferably Twitter and Facebook profiles
  • Work email address
  • Basic understanding of marketing principles and methods

Ways to learn this course:

Half Day Seminar

If you are a beginner to this course topic, attending one of our Seminars offers an excellent introduction.

Half Day Seminar

Skill Level:Introductory

Duration:Half Day (2-3 Hours)

Delivery Methods:Interactive Presentation by a Digital Coach

Accredited Course?No

Course Fee:£45.00 (per person)

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Workshop Training

All our Workshops are delivered in fully interactive environments and cover Basic and Intermediate competencies.

Workshop Training

Skill Level:Basic; Intermediate

Duration:Basic = 1 Day
Intermediate = Basic + 1 Day

Delivery Methods:Small group Workshops; Interactive/Online

Accredited Course?Basic = No; Intermediate = Yes

Course Units:Level 1 Data Management Software

Course Fee:£80.00 (per person/per day)

Download GuideWorkshop Info

Digital Coaching

Our Short Courses are delivered 1-2-1 by a Digital Coach and cover Advanced skill levels in a range of topics.

Digital Coaching

Skill Level:Advanced

Duration:8 Weeks (per course)

Delivery Methods:x8 1-Hour 1-2-1 sessions with a Digital Coach

Accredited Course?Yes

Course Units:Level 3 Digital Marketing Metrics and Analytics
Level 3 Analyse and Report Data

Course Fee:£300.00 (per course)

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Digital Diploma

This topic is also covered as part of our Digital Diploma qualification. For more details please visit Digital Diplomas.

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