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Candidate Recruitment

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Start Dates:Ongoing

Skill Level:Level 3 (Advanced Apprenticeship)

Duration:18 Months

Delivery Methods:On-the-job; Workplace Assessment; 1-2-1 support from a Digital Coach;
Online learning; Day Release

Our comprehensive Candidate Recruitment Service helps identify, assess and match candidates compatible with employer needs.

Research studies indicate that compatibility in the workplace really does matter. Employees who are a good fit with their colleagues perform better and stay longer. Moreover, reduced employee turnover has a positive impact on training and recruitment budgets.

What does our Candidate Recruitment Service offer?

We provide a comprehensive Candidate Recruitment Service to Apprenticeship employers who are looking to bring new skills in to their organisations. Our service provides:

  • Employer Profiling
  • Cultural Assessment
  • Initial Skills Assessment
  • Candidate Profiling
  • Interview Preparation

Other additional support provided by our Candidate Recruitment Service:

  • Assist with writing Job Descriptions
  • Help posting and promoting job vacancy ads; job ads will be posted on to the Apprenticeship Vacancy Matching Service portal, as well as on our own website with alerts going out through our social media channels
  • Handling customer enquiries regarding available job vacancies

Employer Profiling:

The first step for us is to take the time to assess and understand your needs and requirements. By profiling you and your organisation, we can work out where potential skills gaps may exist. This will also help us to build job vacancies aimed at filling the aspects of your business where new skills are needed the most.

Cultural Assessment:

CliQify Skills has teamed up with TeamPlayerHR in utilising their Colleague Matching Assessment Tool (CMATool) that predicts a candidate’s cultural fit with employers, line managers and even fellow team members.

Clients are invited to complete an online questionnaire for us to assess the relationship compatibility, giving an accurate prediction of how well individuals, as well as teams, can and will work together.

The results can save time, effort and money by helping you make an informed, objective decision when recruiting or reassigning new and existing staff.

Initial Skills Assessment:

Candidates undertake a full and thorough Initial Assessment that involves:

  • A face-to-face interview with potential applicants
  • Detailed assessment of current skills in English, Maths, ICT and Digital Marketing
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (transferrable qualifications and certificates)
  • Recognition of Specific Learning Needs (plan for potential support requirements and resources)

Candidate Profiling:

Once we have interviewed applicants and conducted the required assessments, profiles for each candidate will be compiled and sent to the employer for review, along with a CV and covering letter. It will show results of each individual’s Initial Skills Assessments, their Compatibility results and any qualifications they may have achieved.

Interview Preparation:

As soon as potential candidates have been short-listed, arrangements will be made for interviews to take place. As preparation towards ensuring a smooth interview process we will:

  • Provide shortlisted candidates Employer Packs containing details of the employer’s name, location, time and date for interview
  • Send reminder messages via text and email to confirm interview arrangements
  • Make a post-interview follow up call to collect feedback and agree outcomes

When a suitable match has been made and a candidate selected for recruitment, further arrangements will be made for their employment to begin. Employers should note that the first day of their employment will also form the start date of the Apprenticeship therefore a full day’s induction will need to be conducted.

Work Placement Trials:

If you wish to run a work placement trial this can be an excellent opportunity to provide candidates with a taste of what the job is likely to involve, as well as for them to demonstrate their potential. Work trials must not span longer than two weeks and employers are encouraged to cover candidate’s travel expenses (as a minimum).

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Further Information:

Level 3 Digital Marketer Apprenticeship

Skill Level:Apprenticeship

Funding Options:Large Levy employers
Small Business Incentives

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