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Small Business Incentives

Small Business Incentives

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Start Dates:Ongoing

Skill Level:Level 3 (Advanced Apprenticeship)

Duration:18 Months

Delivery Methods:On-the-job; Workplace Assessment; 1-2-1 support from a Digital Coach;
Online learning; Day Release

This guide is for employers who want to find out what funding and small business incentives are available when recruiting an Apprentice.

Apprenticeship Funding

The UK Government has set an ambitious target of 3 million Apprentices by 2020. Under current measures employers will fall into one of two funding categories:

  • Levy paying employers
  • and non-Levy paying employers.

Non-Levy paying employers typically are small businesses with annual wage bills of less than £3 million.

When recruiting an Apprentice, non-Levy paying employers will enter a ‘co-investment’ agreement with the Government. This means small businesses will only need to pay 10% towards to the cost of Apprenticeship training, with Government funding the remaining 90%. A maximum funding cap will apply.

The Department for Education have published further information explaining how Apprenticeship funding will work for small business employers.

What small business incentives are available?

Non-Levy paying employers could also benefit from additional small business incentives to help cover the cost of Apprenticeship training.

Depending on both yours and your Apprentice’s eligibility, incentives may include:

  • having 100% of the Apprenticeship training costs covered by Government
  • and receiving an additional £1000 cash incentive, providing your Apprentice remains on programme for at least 12 months.

Who is eligible to receive small business incentives?

To be eligible for receiving additional small business incentives, you must not have recruited more than 50 employees within the last 12 months (to date and inclusive of any prior Apprentices you may have recruited).

In addition, your Apprentice must either be:

  • aged 16 to 18
  • or aged 19 to 23, and from a care background.

You will be required to provide a written confirmation of the number of employees recruited.

Who are the Institute for Apprenticeships?

The Institute for Apprenticeships is a new, independent public body setup to ensure the development of high quality apprenticeships, as well as provide advice and support. The institute also publishes a list of Apprenticeship Standards that funding can be used to pay for.

You can Find Apprenticeship Training suitable for your organisation, or search the Institute for Apprenticeships website to find an Apprenticeship Standard.

What are the steps to recruiting an Apprentice?

  1. Find the Apprenticeship Standard relevant for your small business
  2. Check what funding your small business could receive
  3. Check the maximum funding band for the Apprenticeship you want to offer
  4. Advertise your apprenticeship vacancy with our Candidate Recruitment Service
  5. Agree a training price with your chosen training provider, establish an Apprenticeship Agreement and Commitment Statement and agree a regular monthly payment plan.

Training Costs:

Each approved Apprenticeship Training Provider will establish the total cost for delivering an Apprenticeship. A co-investment agreement will be used to pay this cost across the lifetime of the Apprenticeship being delivered.

For example: Level 3 Digital Marketer Apprenticeship Standard is an 18 month programme. Assuming a training provider sets the total cost of training at £11,000, the Government will fund £9,900 and you will pay £1,100. Your cost is divided by 18 and paid in equal amounts of approximately £61.00 per month.

Maximum Funding Bands:

Each Apprenticeship is assigned a maximum funding band to establish the maximum amount of funding that can be used to pay for training an Apprentice.

To help Apprenticeship Training Providers establish their training costs the Government publishes a set of rules known as the ‘Funding Rules’, defining both ‘fundable’ and ‘non-fundable’ costs.

The maximum funding bands can only be used to pay for fundable costs. Any non-fundable costs, or costs that may exceed the maximum funding band must be paid for by the employer separately.

For reference: Level 3 Digital Marketer Apprenticeship Standard is on Funding Band 10, funding up to £12,000 worth of training costs.

End-Point Assessment:

As part of the Government’s Reform measures, Apprenticeships are now graded. The grading process – known as End-Point Assessment – is handled by an approved Apprenticeship Assessment Organisation, who appoint an Independent End-Point Assessor to conduct the grading.

Independent End-Point Assessors are familiar with latest industry practice, as well as the relevant Apprenticeship Standard for grading.

As employers are now in the driving seat regarding the funding and allocation of Apprenticeship training, this typically involves having to find both a preferred Apprenticeship Training Provider and Apprenticeship Assessment Organisation.

However, in most cases Apprenticeship Training Providers should have already sourced the relevant Apprenticeship Assessment Organisation for the Apprenticeships they offer.

CliQify Skills uses BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT as the Apprenticeship Assessment Organisation, conducting the End-Point Assessment for the Level 3 Digital Marketer Apprenticeship Standard.

What should I do next?

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Level 3 Digital Marketer Apprenticeship

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Small Business Incentives

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